Culinary Workers Union 226 Harasses Innocent Tourists - October 10

This is what the Culinary Workers Union 226 has become:


A union that previously fought for worker’s rights is now harassing innocent Las Vegas tourists visiting businesses on The Strip. New video shows Culinary Union leadership, with a bullhorn, harassing visitors to The Cosmopolitan Hotel and Casino. They berate tourists by yelling “losers” and “jerks,” and even go as far as to demean women entering the premises.

“You and your girlfriend are a bunch of losers! Losers! … Especially your girlfriend. She’s a loser!”

“You and your wife are a bunch of losers!” – Culinary Union leader
What is even more astonishing is that union bosses accept the heinous behavior. When asked by a reporter if she would denounce these tactics, union leader Geoconda Arguello-Kline defended the union’s actions by saying:
“The recent civil disobediences, rallies and pickets are exercises of workers’ First Amendment rights…”

These disgraceful acts are not representative of the hospitality Las Vegas is known for worldwide. Instead, these are the actions of a union out of touch with everyday citizens who come to Las Vegas and contribute to the local economy.
Read the article from the Las Vegas Sun below:
Culinary Union picketer verbally attacks tourists on Strip: Union official sees nothing wrong with tactics
Las Vegas Sun
By Ed Komenda
Oct 9, 2013
Video footage has surfaced showing a picketing Culinary Union member calling tourists “losers” and “jerks” for going into the Cosmopolitan.
The Alliance to Protect Nevada Jobs captured the video at a Culinary protest Oct. 5 outside the $4 billion Strip resort and today posted it on YouTube.
The alliance called the Culinary’s methods “unsavory” and asked elected officials to denounce the union’s tactics.
“Lawmakers should see that the union bosses at the Culinary Union are engaged in guerilla tactics that give our state a black eye,” said Zachary Moyle, an Alliance spokesman. “The irony of Big Labor’s approach is that it results in less tourism, fewer jobs, less tips and a weak local economy, which ultimately hurts the very workers they claim to represent.”
Culinary officials said there’s nothing wrong with their tactics.
“The recent civil disobediences, rallies and pickets are exercises of workers’ First Amendment rights and part of the struggle for the Las Vegas Dream,” said Geoconda Arguello-Kline, the Culinary’s secretary-treasurer. “Cosmopolitan workers are fighting for the opportunity to provide for their families, something all Vegas workers deserve.”
The video, titled “Union Bosses From The Culinary 226 Harass Tourists,” runs 1 minute, 18 seconds.
The footage shows an unidentified Culinary member wearing a yellow reflective vest and toting a megaphone. Next to him stands an APNJ member handing out “Thank You” cards.
The APNJ, a project of the Workforce Fairness Institute, last week announced that it would launch a counter-demonstration during Culinary protests outside the Cosmopolitan. Instead of picketing, APNJ said it would distribute cards.
While the APNJ hands off the cards, the Culinary member pipes in. “You guys are a bunch of losers,” he yells, targeting a group of people walking through the Cosmopolitan’s front doors.
Later in the video, the man verbally attacks a couple.
“You and your wife are a bunch of losers,” he says. “Support the workers, guys...Don’t go inside of the Cosmopolitan.”
Representing about 50,000 bartenders, maids and food servers, the Union then vowed to maintain a constant presence outside the Cosmopolitan, where 2,000 workers have been clocking in without a labor agreement for more than two years. The protests will end, officials say, when those workers get contracts.
Cosmopolitan bosses would not comment on the video or either group’s campaign.
Near the end of the footage, the man yells at another couple walking into the Cosmopolitan.
“You and your girlfriend are a bunch of losers,” he says, “Losers! … Especially your girlfriend. She’s a loser!”
Ron Futrell, APNJ spokesman, contends the Culinary’s insults could lead to ugly confrontations on the Strip.
“It’s harassment,” Futrell said. “I think that certain method of harassing tourists can be dangerous and inflammatory.”