• July 27 How a Labor Union Keeps Mixed Martial Arts Illegal in New York

    The inability of New York legislators to end the prohibition of MMA remained the norm once again this year after a legalization bill was not brought before the New York State Assembly for a vote. The New York State Senate has passed a legalization bill each of the past six years.

  • March 13 The Business Council of New York State Supports Bill To Regulate MMA

    The Business Council of New York State recently announced their support for a bill that would regulate mixed martial arts (MMA) and pave the way for professional events to be held in New York.

  • May 12 Judge: Casino Worker Wrongly Pressured By Union

    A National Labor Relations Board judge ruled in favor of a Las Vegas casino restaurant worker who said she was threatened with the loss of her benefits and her seniority if she didn’t pay dues to a powerful Las Vegas union.

  • April 21 UFC Officials Again Try To Make Their Case In New York State

    It was political Groundhog Day for Las Vegas-based Ultimate Fighting Championship officials. Once again they were back in New York to lobby state lawmakers on legalizing professional mixed martial arts events there.

  • January 29 IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Mixed Martial Arts Fight Begins Anew In Albany

    Supporters of legalizing the controversial sport of mixed martial arts in New York are fighting to get the sport off the mat in the state Assembly. A contingent of fighters and officials from the Ultimate Fighting Championship league traveled to Albany Tuesday in hopes that 2014 will the year New York joins every other state in authorizing the sport.

  • January 16 With New Session Here, Legislature Braces For Another MMA Fight

    Mixed martial arts fighter Demetrious Johnson, left, parrying a blow from Joseph Benavidez during the Ultimate Fighting Championship flyweight title match in California. MMA events are prohibited in New York state due to a 1997 ban on the sport, urged by former Republican Gov. George Pataki. Proponents of legislation legalizing MMA argue the sport has evolved over the years, creating a safer and better regulated environment for participating fighters. lawmakers who are opposed to sanctioning the sport say they are worried about the safety of the fighters.

  • December 13 Liz Carmouche Recognized In Prestigious OUT 100 List

    UFC women’s bantamweight contender Liz Carmouche has been recognized as a one of the most compelling LGBT figures in the world by the well-respected Out magazine.

  • November 20 National Review Online: The Fight for Mixed Martial Arts in New York

    Las Vegas — Georges St-Pierre, the longest-reigning Ultimate Fighting Champion in the 20-year history of the sport, looked whupped after five rounds of pummeling — bloodied and slow-moving, with his face lacerated and one eye swollen shut. His opponent, Johny Hendricks, pumped his fist, grinned, and waited for the judges to anoint him.

  • November 01 In Case You Missed It: UFC, The Center Partner For HIV Awareness

    The Culinary Workers Union 226 continues to oppose the UFC even though the company has been recognized by The Center for its strong leadership in the LGBTQ community.

  • October 10 Culinary Workers Union 226 Harasses Innocent Tourists

    A union that previously fought for worker’s rights is now harassing innocent Las Vegas tourists visiting businesses on The Strip.