Mayor Goodman Criticizes Culinary Union Leadership In Latest Book - September 30

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, in his book “Being Oscar,” questions the Culinary Union’s usefulness and recounts an incident after clashing with them.

Goodman, discussing new development plans for downtown and the Culinary Union’s objection, writes:
“I clashed with the Culinary Union over development plans for downtown.”

“But the union, or at least it pseudo-intellectual leaders, decided to rail against the proposal.”

“The union decided to petition for an “initiative,” which would have put the plan up for a public vote.”
“I spoke out against the initiative and union.”

“Right after that, Carolyn’s and my cars were vandalized. Two large boulders that decorated our front lawn next to our carport were heaved through the back windows of our cars. We had the windows repaired, and two days later the boulders were thrown through the windows again. They were so big it would have taken more than one person to lift and throw them.” 

Goodman continues:
“Union leaders don’t really represent workers anymore, they just use them as leverage. They’re like politicians; their only goal is to stay in office. They care more about their salaries and benefits than they do about the wages and jobs of their members.” 

“I think unions have become vehicles for their leadership to wield power and leverage deals for their own benefit, rather than for their membership.”

“But today, unions, and particularly those leading unions, have lost touch with reality.”